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Player's Name: Princess Cupcake
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: N/A

Character: Katniss Everdeen
Series/Canon: The Hunger Games
From When? Just after Catching Fire (film version)

History: Katniss Everdeen - Wikipedia, Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games Wiki

Katniss has always been accustomed to struggle. She was into a hard life of poverty in one of the poorest Districts in Panem, and after her father died and her mother withdrew from depression, she became the primary provider for her family. If that weren't a a sad enough situation, once she was twelve years old she was forced to participate in the Reaping, taking her chances along with all the other children on the possibility of being a Tribute and having to fight and probablhy die in the Arena. This kind of life forces a person to become highly independent out of necessity, trusting of only a few, and by and large not having time for niceties. Katniss can come off as stubborn, rude, and unpersonable as a result.

It's when her beloved little sister Primrose must take part in the Reaping for the first time that evidence of Katniss' capacity for love and loyalty become apparent. She unhesitatingly volunteers to take her sister's place, and it is a choice made out of love that truly defines her life. While in some ways Katniss seems inclined to do anything for her own survival when she's in the moment and it's full of danger, many of her choices have to do with assuring the safety of others. She is only inclined to kill in the first Arena when she has Rue to think of; she stands in front of a Peacekeeper lashing Gale without thought for her own safety, and while she's more willing to kill during the Quarter Quell, she becomes frantic when she hears the mockingjays voices sounding like Prim being tortured.

The events in both Arenas leave Katniss with no small amount of PTSD. While never a partiularly empathetic young woman to begin with, if Katniss Everdeen had a spirit animal (and it wasn't the mockingjay), it would be the honey badger, who does not give a shit. She defies convention from day one; hunting illegally, pulling out berries to suicide in the first Arena, and basically has complete disdain for the frivolites and wastefulness of the Capitol. That being said, for all that Katniss is a blunt person in some ways she is incredibly deceptive. She convinces many that she is in love with Peeta in order to survive, so much so that she blurs the lines of truth and falsehood for herself as well at many points, and frequently is forced to put on a gameface at the behest of the Capitol and while performing her duties as a Victor as well as toward the Capitol itself.

Here's the thing though; in the end once Katniss does gain a level of empathy for someone, her trust and loyalty are difficult to lose. Her family are paramount - there is absolutely nothing she wouldn't do for her little sister Prim, and by extension, her ally in the 74th Arena, Rue. Rue reminded Katniss so much of Prim that it's her words and her death that force the change in Katniss from 'play to survive' to 'play to win'. And they aren't necessarily the same thing. The older people in her life are treated with a mixture of both care and contempt - she is loyal to Haymitch even when she wants to punch him in the face, and though she is often unkind to Effy she also does not want her to be harmed. The adult she is probably closest to is Cinna, and his brutal death nearly unnerves her entirely before the start of the Quarter Quell. While she is slow to gain friends, once she does, they are valued greatly, and Katniss has a knack for seeing the value in those who might be regarded as weak. Mags, BeeTee, and Wiress are her primary choices as allies in the Quarter Quell, and though it takes time, Finnick joins those ranks as well.

Of course, two of the most profound connections she has other than with her sister are with the two young men who occupy uncertain places in her life: Gale, the boy she grew up with, and Peeta, her fellow Tribute. Katniss struggles with the idea of romantic love on a certain level, in many ways it is a feeling that she does not have time for. At different points Katniss is willing to risk everything and run away with Gale and their families, but Peeta shares both the bond of the Arena with her as well as a singular act of charity that occurred when they were both younger. While in the first Arena it's hard to say whether the emotions Katniss feels for Peeta in the moment are false, but she retroactively has doubts and is then forced to maintain their appearance to survive. Is it her situation that forces her acknowledgment of feelings for Gale? And is Gale's reciprocation only awakened when he sees her interactions with Peeta in the Arena? When they're back in for the Quarter Quell, once more Katniss must present herself as being in love with Peeta, but the lines blur even further, and when she receives the news that Peeta was not rescued by Distruct 13, she is beside herself.

New Dodge is an unbelievable dream come true to Katniss. Despite her accidental arrival she has embraced life here with a feeling that has been alien to her for most of her life: hope. New Dodge can be her choice, it can be freedom, and she is dedicated to doing everything she can to bring those she cares about here to join her in this new life. However, this doesn't mean she will simply accept the judgement of authority at face value, given her lifetime of experience in Panem. Katniss no longer simply has to accept totalitarian rule over her life and oddly enough, this lack of necessity in becoming the Mockingjay has made her more willing to do so.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? While Katniss does enter the game unwillingly and unexpectedly, she is absolutely willing to take Eli up on his offer, especially with the possibility of bringing others from her world to New Dodge. She is already accustomed to living an environment that combines both high technology with rustic living, and makes her way very well as a hunter utilizing both the monetary system as well as barter.

Inventory: Her bow, her arrows, her father's jacket, a spile, the mockingjay pin, and the pearl Peeta gave her in the Quarter Quell Arena.


Third-Person Sample: Katniss on the Boomtown Test Drive.

First-Person Sample:
Day 17

They're encouraging us to keep journals, but I'm not much of a writer. Since coming here I've actually had more than one night of what I'd call good sleep, but sometimes I still wake up and forget where I am, or unexpectedly call out for Prue. The nightmares have been less frequent, but they still come, and they're still fresh. Gale was there on the hovercraft, but I don't remember seeing Peeta, and a lot of it is a blur.

I try to focus on good things. There are a lot of good things here. I think about what I'd like for people when they eventually make it here. I'm most excited for Prim. I don't know if she can bring her goat and/or that stupid cat, but I think she'd be able to take care of Lady and go to school and maybe become a doctor, and she'd never ever have to worry about being in a Reaping again. Even mom would have peace, if I could convince her to come. She doesn't handle change well. Peeta would have his own bakery and I'd have to drag Haymitch home from the saloon every night, I bet. I'm not sure what Gale would do, but anything's got to be better than the mines.

This is a good place. This is a safe place. I hope nothing ruins it.


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